Vision & Strategy

As a strategy consultant and coach she helps entrepreneurs from the creative industries as well as artists and art institutions to manage their creativity and turn their visions into successful strategies.

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Consulting & Workshops

Strategy is about designing your future. It's a structured process of how to reach your visions and goals. Based on a systemic approach Doris Rothauer provides you with the necessary mindset as well as tools to help you analyze your business and your environment from a bird's eye view in order to position yourself successfully, create an impact and design your future.

Apart from individual consulting and coaching Rothauer also offers group workshops, that provide the participants with a basic knowledge and insight on strategic thinking and helpful tools.

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The Book

In her handbook Doris answers some current questions on the topic: How do vision and strategy relate to each other? What is strategy in the context of todays challenges? And how to develop successful strategies based on a strategic thinking?

Strategies need visions and vice versa, visions need strategies. Therefore, they need to be built on clear values and attitudes as well as on creativity and innovative approaches. The handbook shows that this kind of strategic thinking is a creative process, playful and experimental, and a core competence for success and impact in a constantly changing environment. Included are numerous helpful and effective tools and methods how to develop your own strategies and support strategic thinking.

Doris Rothauer
Vision & Strategie. Strategisches Denken für kreative Köpfe
(in German)
Birkhäuser Verlag, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-03821-706-0
152 pages, Ill. b/w
print und ebook
Euro 24,95

English edition coming out in spring 2018

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Want to find out more about how to design your business activities and ensure a sustainable and impactful future? I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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