By developing and moderating new formats of interdisciplinary learning and co-creating Doris Rothauer supports new ways of thinking and doing as well as a holistic view on what fosters creativity and enables a sustainable development.

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Open Space Workshop, The Austrian Federal Chancellery/Arts and Culture, 2017, photo: BKA/Aigner

Formats & Projects

Besides her consulting and expertise work Doris' passion is to create, design and accompany new formats of interdisciplinary learning and co-creating. Examples include a series of Open Space workshops for the Ministry of Culture in Austria, exploring the key role of art today; the Creators Labs for the Vienna Business Agency, where successful entrepreneurs meet up with creatives to develop new business models, the Focus-on-Focus-workshops with musician Ed Neumeister, or the Learning Journeys to outstanding examples of creative change makers. Starting in October 2017 Doris will be head of a new Leadership Academy for directors and teachers of art and music schools in Lower Austria, a program and curriculum that she designed.

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Learning Journey by Business Agency Vienna, studio aws industrial design, 2014, photo: David Bohmann

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Learning Journey by Business Agency Vienna, Studio Dankl, 2014, photo: David Bohmann

Learning Journeys

In day excursions to outstanding examples of creative change makers, participants will explore new perspectives and ways of doing meaningful business and designing the future. The authentic experience of the places, people and projects you visit and interact with is a rich source of inspiration and empowerment that can be transferred to your own work and business.

Learning Journeys are generally about going completely outside your normal environment. Through changing the perspective and exploring key insights into new contexts together with other participants, you open your mind, reflect upon yourself and others and learn by experience.

Doris designs and moderates customized Learning Journeys around key themes of creativity, innovation and change making.

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