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Doris Rothauer is a consultant, coach, expert and author connecting the creative, economic and social worlds. It's her mission to promote creativity as the key to a new economy and society based on a paradigm shift and a more holistic view.

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Vision & Strategy workshop, Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria, 2015, photo: Jürgen Grünwald

As a strategy consultant and coach, she helps entrepreneurs from the creative industries and social businesses as well as artists and art institutions to manage their creativity and turn their visions into successful strategies.

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workshop with buero bauer designstudio, 2017

As an author and lecturer she writes and talks about the social impact of artistic creativity and how, through a creative mindset, we can develop new ways of “thinking” and “doing” to change our massively disrupted society and economy for the better.

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Doris Rothauer
Kreativität. Der Schlüssel für eine neue Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (in German)
Facultas, 2016, 168 pages, ISBN 978-3-7089-1339-1

By developing and moderating new formats of interdisciplinary learning and co-creation, Doris supports new ways of “thinking” and “doing” as well as a holistic view on what fosters creativity and enables sustainable development.

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Learning Journey by Business Agency Vienna, studio breaded escalope, 2014, photo: David Bohmann

Doris Rothauer holds a PhD in Economics, a Masters Degree in art management and a professional training certificate as a systemic coach and consultant. She is also an alumni of the Ashoka Visionary Program by Ashoka Austria.


After 15 years of working as an art manager in the art world, including leading positions in major art institutions, such as Director of the Vienna Secession and the Künstlerhaus Wien, she founded her own company, Büro für Transfer, in 2006. Since then she has been working with more than 80 artists, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions building up an impressive network of clients and partners.

Doris Rothauer
Tel. +43.699.18882230

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